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with detailed info about deposit geology, mineralization. reserves, permit and mining technology:

Perzhanskoye Beryllium Ore Deposit

Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine

Key Points:

Beryllium is a rare metal, which has a combination of unique physical and mechanical properties that are suitable for a wide range of applications.
Discovery. From heat shields that protected NASA’s Mercury astruts, to the orbital telescopes of tomorrow, beryllium materials have had a front seat in our world’s extraordinary exploration of space.
Communications. Beryllium is used in the manufacture of telecommunications infrastructure equipment, computers and cellular phones, thereby helping people around the world to keep in touch.
Oil, Gas & Alternative Energy. Beryllium is in wide use in the energy field to extract oil and gas, and has a big role in helping to find tomorrow’s clean and affordable energy sources.
Medicine. Advances in imaging equipment, diagnostics and laser medicine have been enabled by the strength and stability of this versatile metal.
Transportation. Beryllium alloys are used in automobile components and airplane equipment to ensure the reliable operation of vital equipment and to enhance fuel efficiency.
Safety. Used in automobile airbags and electronic braking systems, weather forecasting satellites, chemical detection, fire suppression sprinkler systems and emergency rescue equipment, beryllium helps to keep us safe.
Defense and Security. World’s armed forces rely on beryllium — a critical component of weapons, guidance, surveillance and reconnaissance systems.

Beryllium Ore Deposit Overview

The Perzhanskoe beryllium deposit is located in the Zhytomyr region. Ukraine. 20 km. from the deposit there is a railway station Olevsk, an asphalt road adjoins the deposit and a 10 kW power transmission line is connected. Exploration of the Perzhansk beryllium deposit was carried out in 1962 – 1977. To calculate the reserves, 236,500 m of wells were drilled, 7104 meters of underground mine workings were drilled on two horizons
Beryllium map


Ore reserves


thousand tons


0 .8

thousand tons

Cut-off grade
of BeO

0 %

In terms of metal


tons of beryllium

In addition

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tons of zinc will be extracted along the way

Beryllium rock
The deposit was considered to be prepared for industrial development.
The ore is mainly ((95%) represented by genthelvin Zn4 (BeSio4) 3, about 5% phenakite ores Be2 (SiO4).Together with the predicted resources, the productivity of the Perzhansk ore field is estimated at 37,000 tons of BeO.
In addition, research is currently being carried out to study the possibility of the associated extraction of zinc, silver, tantalum.