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Titanium and its alloys are widely used because of their high mechanical strength, which is maintained at high temperatures, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low density and other useful properties

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Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine

Yurievskoye deposit is located in the Zhytomyr region. Deposit area is connected with the district center by asphalted roads. The railway KyivBrest passes Olevsk.
In geostructural terms, the Yurievskoye deposit of titanium-apatite ores is located within the central part of the Sushchano-Perzhanska tectonic zone and is confined to the rock intrusion of the same name, which was formed at the final stages of the Korosten complex.
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The Yurievsky intrusion is almost completely covered with a thinwalled thickness (to the first meters, sometimes 10-15 m in the northern part) of sandy-clay rocks, mainly of fluvio-glacial genesis. On crystalline rocks the weathering crust occurs with thickness of 0,0-16,0 m.
The content of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in the Yurievskaya intrusion de= pends on the angle of the rock layers fall. The richest ores are confined to the central and northern parts of the deposit and are concentrated mainly on the lying side of the ore zone. Liquation apatite-ilmenite ore bodies are confined to the lying side of the array. The maximum content of ilmenite and titanomagnetite is recorded in melanocratic varieties.
According to the structural and petrographic studies two ore zones have been identified with content of titanium dioxide 5,5 and 7.0%.
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It has been established that the main rock-forming minerals of titanium and phosphorus in ores are ilmenite and apatite. Accordingly, 85.3- 92.3% of the total amount of TiO2 and 61.6-86.6% of the total amount of P2O5 present in the ores are bound to them. Other useful components are scattered in rock-forming and other ore minerals (titanomagnetite, magnetite).
Enrichment of ores can be carried out according to the schemes developed for the Stremigorod apatite-ilmenite deposit of Volyn titanic province and tested by the USSR DKZ. The material composition and enrichment of ores within the Yurievskoye deposit is studied basing on the materials of a small-scale technological test.