BGV Granite


with detailed info about deposit geology, mineralization. reserves, permit and mining technology:


Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine

The deposit is located within the northwestern edge of the Ukrainian crystalline shield in the Korostensky (Luginsky) district of the Zhytomyr region. The area of the area for the exploration and mining is 63.2 hectares. The field has been explored up to +100 m in depth.
The field has been in development since 1960. The total volume of reserves is 45 918.0 (A – 6 523.0; B – 17 204.0; C – 22 191) thousand m3 (protocol No. 4317 dated 09.29.1983).
The results of previous exploration work allow us to draw the following conclusions regarding the quality of the Zherevskoye mineral resource:
Granite plates
There is a license for the extraction of raw materials suitable for the production of construction crushed stone and rubble stone (valid until 2033). At this time, work is underway to prepare the field for operation.
The enterprise is building a modern crushing and screening plant using Swedish Sandvik equipment with a capacity of 550 t / h for the processing of rock mass, the launch of which is scheduled for August 2021.