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with detailed info about deposit geology, mineralization. reserves, permit and mining technology:



Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine

Key Points:

The main useful minerals in complex zircon-rare-earth-fluorite ores are the following: zircon, rare-earth elements (parisite), fluorite and feldspars.

Fields of application:

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Zircon-Rare-Earth-Fluorite Ores Deposit Overview

Yastrebetskoe deposit is located in Zhytomyr region. Deposit area is connected with the district center by asphalted roads. The railway Kyiv-Brest passes Olevsk.
Deposit is located in the tectonic and metasomatic Suschano-Perzhanska zone of Volyn megablock (Ukrainian shield).
Rare metal and rare earth mineraliza on is characteristic and typical examples of the mineralization include complex rare metal deposit related to granites promising for mining of Be, Ta, Nb, Zr, REE, Sn, Mo, Li, Zn, Ag, and F.
Zirconium map
The main useful minerals in complex zircon-rare-earth fluorite ores are: zircon, rare earth elements (parisite), fluorite and feldspars. According to the results of technological properties study the following concentrates can be obtained during enrichment:
Geo map
Zirconium (62.1% ZrO2). Recommended application in refractory and ceramic industries.
Rare earths (69% parisite, 9.6% zircon, others – feldspars, etc.)
Fluorite (fluorite 90%, zirconium – 1,5-2,5%, other – feld- spars, calcite). Possible application in the metallurgical industry.
Feldspar (yield – 47.73%). Glass and ceramic industry.
Rubble, sand (yield – 42,36%). Possible application in the construction industry.
The Southwest part of the Yastrebetskoe deposit covered by the license is considered to be prepared for industrial development. Geological and economic appraisal study for complex zirconium ores has been completed in 2015 by VK “Geolog”. According to the results reserves of the Yastrebetskoe deposit have been tested within the quarry to the horizon of +118 m for open eld development and within the horizons +98 m – (-132 m) for underground development. For all studied depth of ore distribution, the average content of zirconium is 0.672%, of rare earths is 0.170%.
Two methods are proposed for the complex ores developing within the southwest part of the Yastrebetskoe deposit, based on the mining, geological and hydrogeological conditions of the deposit and engineeringgeological features of the minerals: open and underground methods with the abandonment of the safety net between the bottom of the quarry and underground mining workings of 20 m.

BALANCE Reserves

of category C2 (up to a depth of 250 m) and resources of category P1 (up to a depth of 300 m):

Zirconium dioxide

0 .0

thousand tons

Amount of rare earth elements

0 .0

thousand tons


0 .0

thousand tons