At BGV Group Management,



To do that we are challenged to work in remote locations, sometimes untouched by human hand, with beautiful landscapes and wild-like environment. Our key values and expertise, as well as strategic mindset tell us that we must do our work in a way that will deliver sustainable, long lasting results and benefits. We strongly believe that we must execute any project within our portfolio in line with our key values:
We must also contribute to local and national economies by paying competitive wages, treating our suppliers fairly, investing in our local communities and paying our share of taxes. And we do that in a way that ensures the profitability of the operations in the long term, not only so we can meet our commitments to our shareholders, but so that we can continue to invest in areas important to our other stakeholders, including safety, climate change mitigation and workforce training. These beliefs are the foundation of our views on sustainability.

Our Strategy

We started our operations in 2015 and since day one we integrated sustainability approach to our long-term value chain and strategy. This strategy ensures our commitment to maintaining high standards, sometimes that drive us to go beyond the legal requirements on the sustainability issues that are material to our business, our employees, the communities that host us and the customers that buy and use our products. To do that we devised a 4-pillar sustainability policy: sustainability governance, responsibility at core, being a part of the community and ensuring the better tomorrow.

Sustainability Governance

We are committed to safeguard and comply with all applicable laws and regulations that govern issues as health safety, environment and community impact and consequences in the areas of our operations, and we try to exceed them where our internal protocols are more stringent.

Responsibility at Core

As such, this pillar includes issues that lay at the heart of our business. Safety is our top priority because, simply put, we care for the people we work with as employees, partners, communities. And we feel at heart that running a safe, responsible business that effectively ensures profitability is the strategy that is beneficial in the long run.

Ensuring the Better Tomorrow

We collaborate with others to build respectful relationships and enable long-term benefits where we operate – working with governments at all levels and community partners to help make a difference in people’s lives. We feel that in a prosperous society business grows exponentially.

Being the Part of the Community

Mining metals and producing materials essential for human progress while contributing to some of the greatest challenges facing society – ensure that tomorrow is safer and greater than today. We aim to contribute to a more sustainable future – through reducing both our own global carbon footprint, addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, forming smart, technology – and value-chain – focused partnerships and producing materials essential to a low-carbon economy such as lithium batteries.